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In the world of fashion, socks are one of the most overlooked items when it comes to men's suits. This doesn't mean that socks aren't a vital part of men's wardrobe though. Choosing the wrong color or material of socks can have a huge impact in how your suits look and can significantly affect how others perceive you professionally. Here are some essential rules to consider when selecting socks to complement your suits. Read more about sock of the month club.

Types of socks

When choosing a pair of socks to go with your suit, stay away from athletic socks. You can choose any other pair of socks but not athletic ones even if they're of a dark color. There are two reasons for this:

Dress shoes should be worn with dress socks rather than athletic socks, which are designed for athletic shoes. If you combine athletic socks with dress shoes, it's likely that the socks will pop out on top of dress shoes. This won't make for a polished, dapper look.

Cheap socks just look cheap. Such socks are usually ribbed and appear odd when worn with sharp, smooth dress shoes.

The key thing to bear in mind when choosing socks to go with your suit is to ensure they're dress socks. Dress socks for men look better and are much thinner than standard socks.  One thing to remember is that the pants of your suits should be well hemmed always. When you sit down, they shouldn't lift up too much, but your socks will slightly be revealed sometimes. Therefore, buying the right socks is vital. To learn more about funny socks, follow the link.

Color of socks and suits 

Your socks color can have a huge impact on your suits. Even if you have the best suit in the world, your outfit could be quite a mess if you wear the wrong color of socks. Here are some rules you always should follow when pairing your suits with the right sock color.

The color of your socks should match your shoes, instead of your shoes. For example, you should wear light grey socks if your suit is of the same color.

If you're a little adventurous, match your socks with your tie or shirt. This can create an amazing combination.

Novelty socks with numerous colors should be worn only when you're at home. Don't wear them to the office.

Don't fold or roll up your socks. This can make you seem sloppy and your ankles may look larger than they really are as well.